Application - Affidavit for Search Warrant (AO106)
Search & Seizure Warrant (AO093)
Application - Affidavit for Siezure Warrant (AO108)
Search & Seizure Warrant on Oral Testimony (AO093A)
CJA-20 Appointment-Payment of Court Appointed Counsel
Anticipatory Search & Seizure Warrant (AO93B)
CJA-21 Payment for Expert and Other Services
Subpoena to Testify before Grand Jury (AO110)
CJA-23 Financial Affidavit
Subpoena in a Criminal Case (AO89)
CJA-24 Payment of Transcript
Summons in a Criminal Case (AO83)
CJA-30 Appointment Payment of Counsel - Death Penalty
Waiver - Separate Representation
Consent Form - Misdemeanor Case
Waiver - Speedy Trial
Consent Form - Jury Selection Only (Criminal Case)
Waiver of Indictment (AO455)
Consent Form - Plea Felony Case)
Waiver of Jury - Judge Payne
Criminal Complaint (AO91)
Waiver of Jury - Judge White
Deposition Subpoena in a Criminal Case (AO90)
Waiver of Preliminary Hearing (AO468)
Criminal Cover Sheet JS-45
Motion to Vacate/Set aside/Correct Sentence 2255 (AO243)
Criminal Disclosure Agreement Checklist