Civil - Answers
Civil - Case Specific Documents
Civil - Initial Type Documents
Civil - Motions and Related Documents
      Briefs Responses Replies Etc.
             Accelerate/Extend/Reset Hearing(s)/Deadline(s)
             Administratively Close
             Admission Pro Hac Vice
             Alter Order/Judgment
             Appeal in Forma Pauperis
             Appointment of Counsel
             Appointment of Guardian ad Litem
             Attorney Fees
             Certificate of Appealability
             Certify Class
             Certify Question to State Supreme Court
             Change Venue
             Confirm Sale
             Consolidate Cases
             Default Judgment
             Deposit/Invest Funds
             Deposit/Invest Funds
             Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction
             Dismiss for Lack of Prosecution
             Dismiss Party
             Effect a Levy
             Enforce IRS Summons
             Entry of Default by Clerk
             Exceed Page Limitation
             Excused from Hearing
             Expedite Ruling
             Extend Service of Grand Jury Panel
             Extension of Time to Answer
             Extension of Time to Reply to Motion Response
             Extension of Time to Respond to Motion
             File Document Out of Time
             Garnishment Summons
             In Limine
             Injunction - Permanent
             Injunction - Preliminary
             Joinder of Party(s)
             Judgment as a Matter of Law
             Judgment Debtor to Appear on Assets
             Leave to Appeal
             Leave to File Document(s)
             Letters Rogatory
             Lift Stay
             Miscellaneous Relief
             Miscellaneous Relief (2)
             Miscellaneous Relief (3)
             More Definite Statement
             New Trial
             Partial Summary Judgment
             Pro Hac Vice Fees
             Proceed in Forma Pauperis
             Proposed Pretrial Order
             Protective Order
             Reassign Judge
             Reopen Case
             Return of Property
             Return of Sealed Document(s)
             Seal Case
             Seal Document(s)
             Service by Publication
             Set Aside Clerk's Entry of Default
             Strike Document(s)
             Strike Hearing(s)/Deadline(s)
             Substitute Attorney
             Substitute Party
             Summary Judgment
             Temporary Restraining Order
             Three Judge Panel
             Transfer Case to Other District
             Unseal Case
             Unseal Document(s)
             Vacate Order/Judgment
             Vacate/Set Aside/Correct Sentence (2255)
             Withdraw Attorney(s)
             Withdraw Document(s)
             Withdraw Reference to Bankruptcy Court
             Withdraw Referral to Magistrate Judge
             Writ of Execution
             Writ of Garnishment
             Writ of Habeas Corpus (2241/2254)
             Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Prosequendum/ Testificandum Issued
             Writ of Habeas Corpus ad Testificandum
             Writ of Mandamus
Civil - Other Documents
Civil - Post Judgment Documents
Civil - Service Documents
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Criminal - Motions and Related Documents
Criminal - Other Documents
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