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The Court has been informed that a phishing scam is making its way around the Internet.
In this scam, an e-mail is sent that is allegedly from the Court’s “EJuror Program”.
The e-mail asks the recipient to click on a link and provide personal identifiers such as
Social Security numbers, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name. A sample of the e-mail can be found here.

We have been notified by a juror that a scam notice was received dated 10/9/2014 informing them that they were to appear in our court on 10/28/2014.
The notice attached a zip file which contained a virus. The email message stated it was from the Clerk of Court, Sophie Mason.
This individual does not work at the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

These e-mails are not from the Court and you should not respond to them.
If you receive such an e-mail, please forward it to the Court Clerk at