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EX PARTE CIVIL DOCKET ENTRIES AND DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC.  The NEF for a civil ex parte entry filed by counsel will only be sent to the filing party. 


Select Sealed Documents (in Public Cases) link.  Select Ex Parte Motion and click Next.


Add your case number and select Find This Case and click Next If the hyperlink contains the correct case style, select Next to continue.  If not, stop your filing and determine the correct case number.


Select the filing party.  If you need to select multiple names, hold down the CTRL key while selecting.  After proper selection, select Next.

Add the pdf file of the main document.  In the Attachments section, add the pdf files and properly describe each exhibit/attachment. When finished uploading, select Next.

Click Next on the Deadline screen

A filer access notice will appear confirming that your entry will only be available to the filing parties and their attorneys.  Select Next.

A modify screen will appear, allowing you to add descriptive text.  Adding additional text is optional.  DO NOT add any wording you do not wish to be seen by the general public as this entry will appear on the public docket sheet.  Only select an item from the dropdown prefix box if applicable.  Click Next to continue.

Review the final text for accuracy.  You can use the back arrow to return to the previous screen to correct typographical errors.  If the final text does not reflect your filing intent, discontinue the entry by clicking Civil on the menu bar and beginning again.  Select Next to continue.

Notice will be sent to filing party’s attorney.  NOTE:  Your PACER login and password are required to view restricted documents.