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Fee Schedule

As of 12/01/2016
CIVIL ACTION OR NOTICE OF REMOVAL - $350 Filing Fee and $50 Administrative Fee (Administrative Fee excluded for applications for writ of habeas corpus, cases filed in forma pauperis under 28 U.S.C. § 1915, and miscellaneous cases) 400.00
Habeas Corpus 5.00
Miscellaneous Case 47.00
Notice of Appeal 505.00
Appeal to District Judge from Judgment of Conviction by Magistrate Judge in Misdemeanor Case 38.00
Foreign Notice of Deposition 47.00
Power of Attorney 47.00
CVB Processing Fee 30.00
Cuban Libertad Civil Filing Fee 6,548.00
Retrieval of File from Federal Records Center 64.00
Record Retrieval (per each additional box) 39.00
Electronic Record Retrieval - Base Charge      (PLUS - Per Page Fee of .65) 19.90
Copies (per page) .50
Copies (per page by electronic access at counter) .10
Certifications (each) 11.00
Exemplifications (each) 22.00
Compare Pleadings 2.00
Record Search (per name or item searched) 31.00
Payment Returned or Denied for Insufficient Funs 53.00
Reproduction of Audio Recordings of Court Proceeding 31.00
Attorney Admission 206.00
Pro Hac Vice 50.00
Certificate of Good Standing 19.00
Duplicate Certificate 19.00
Declaration of Intention 70.00
Petition of Naturalization 70.00
Witness Fees (per day) 40.00
Mileage (per mile) car .54
Mileage (per mile) motorcycle .51
Per Diem 129.00