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Accessing a Presentence Investigation Report via NEF

To access a presentence investigation report through the notice of electronic filing that you receive via email, follow these steps.

  1. If you are not already logged into the OKED NextGen system, enter your PACER login and password and press the Login button.  Once logged into the application, minimize the screen and open your email.

  1. Find the Notice of Electronic filing (NEF) and  click on the document number hyperlink.

  1. You may be presented with a second Login screen.  Multiple logins may be necessary for the system to determine that you are, in fact, counsel of record in this case and are authorized to view the restricted document.
  2. A warning screen will appear, indicating that the document is restricted.  Click View Document

  1. The document will be presented.  Be sure to save the document to your hard drive.  You only receive one free look at the PDF.

If you experience difficulties during this process, please verify that you are using the correct login and password.  If you continue to have an issue, call the clerk's office at (918) 684-7920 for assistance.