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Attorney Admissions

Effective August 9, 2019

All petitions for admission must be processed through PACER.

Attorneys may apply for regular admission to file in the Eastern District of Oklahoma, or may apply for pro hac vice admission on a particular case.  Please follow the instructions below regarding requirements to apply for admission.

Attorney Admissions - NEW

Admissions Pro Hac Vice Admission

Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Attorneys

**If you are already admitted to the Eastern District of Oklahoma and were previously able to e-file prior to our NextGen implementation, DO NOT apply for admission or register for e-filing permissions via PACER. Instead, please follow the instructions on our NextGen page in order to link your upgraded PACER account to your ECF account.**

Local Counsel Requirements

Updating Attorney Information

Professional Conduct & Decorum

Attorney Discipline

Attorney Withdrawals

Certificate of Good Standing