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Proposed Orders

When filing a motion for which no supporting brief is required in accordance with LCvR7.1, the moving party shall submit a proposed order granting the requested relief. The motion, which shall comply with LCvR7.1, must be filed prior to submitting the proposed order, and the proposed order must refer to the docket entry number for the motion.

All proposed orders shall be in a text format compatible with Word, which is a “Save As” option in most word processing software; proposed orders in .pdf format will not be accepted. All proposed orders shall be submitted to the Clerk via the designated mailbox at

A party moving for issuance of a writ or summons shall attach the writ or summons in .pdf format to the proposed order (if one is needed).

A party moving for entry of default shall, after filing a motion for default, submit the entry of default and the proposed judgment of default to the Clerk via the designated mailbox at Any proposed judgment shall include the docket entry number of the motion for entry of default.