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Courtroom Technology

The Eastern District of Oklahoma provides equipment and presentation capabilities in all of its courtrooms.  This equipment allows lawyers to present and display many types of evidence and testimony to the courtroom participants in clearer and more comprehensible ways.  If you are interested in a demonstration of the equipment, or receiving training, please contact the judges' courtroom deputy.  Requests for use of the evidence presentation system should be made at least 48-72 hours in advance of the trial date.

All courtrooms are equipped with video and audio presentation at both attorney tables and the rear presentation cart. The connectors in Courtrooms 3 and 4 are VGA and 3.5mm audio jacks, shown below. Courtrooms 1 and 2 has HDMI connections. Attorneys are encouraged to bring their own cables and adapters to connect to the system. The court has some adapters on hand, but is not responsible for counsel failing to verify they have the appropriate adapter. Additionally, while the court has wifi available, attorneys are encouraged to always maintain a copy of their digital documents local on their computer in the event the wifi is not working.