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Certificate of Good Standing

The Certificate of Good Standing verifies that an attorney is a member in good standing with the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma. To obtain a certificate of good standing an attorney must do the following:

EFFECTIVE 01/03/2023 all requests from OKED CM/ECF registered attorneys for certificates of good standing will be made through the CM/ECF Application.  Follow the Request for Certificate of Good Standing Instructions for information on submitting your request and making payment for the certificate to the Court.  The cost of the Certificate is (see fee schedule) and made during the request filing event.

If the attorney is admitted but NOT an e-filer with the Eastern District, use one of the methods below to make your request.    

  • Submit a written request to the Clerk's Office that states the attorney's full name, state bar number and email address. The Clerk's Office will usually forward the Certificate of Good Standing by email within one week.  If a paper certificate is required, indicate such in your request and enclose an addressed return envelope.
  • Requests can also be made in person at the clerk's office.

       A check should accompany any written or in-person request and be made payable to Clerk, U.S. District Court.