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Once leave has been granted to file a document under seal, counsel is responsible for following up by filing the sealed exhibit(s).  This event should be used when your complete sealed document, including attached exhibits, exceeds 20 megabytes in total file size.  If it did, and you have remaining sealed exhibits and/or attachments to file, you should immediately use this event to electronically file those attachments not included in the original pleading.

As each exhibit is entered, describe the attachment.  DO NOT include any sealed information in the title of your pleading or in your exhibit descriptions.  This text will be viewable to the public.

YOU MUST CREATE A CASE STYLE COVER PAGE for your additional attachments.  The heading should reflect the exhibit number(s) included in the event as well as the pleading which they support.


Select the Sealed & Ex Parte Documents (in Public Cases) link.  Select Sealed Exhibit(s) in Support of Document(s) and click Next.


Add your case number, select Find This Case.  If filing in a criminal case, you may need to indicate the defendant case where these exhibits will be filed. 

Civil          Criminal  

If the hyperlink contains the correct case style, select Next to continue.  If not, stop your filing and determine the correct case number.

Select the filing party.  If you need to select multiple names, hold down the CTRL key while selecting.  After proper selection, select Next.

A message reminding you that leave of court is required before a sealed pleading can be filed appears for your review.  If you have not requested and been granted leave to file this sealed pleading, discontinue docketing this event.

Review the statements regarding when this event should be filed and on the proper way to descripe PDFs.


Add the pdf file of the main document (THIS SHOULD BE YOUR CASE STYLE SHEET).  In the Attachments section, add the pdf files and properly describe each exhibit/attachment. When finished uploading, select Next.

If your document links to another document in the case, check the box and select Next.  If your document does not link to another document in the case, select Next to bypass this screen.


If you have not properly requested leave to file or if you entered this case before OKED enabled attorney sealed filing, you may receive the message below.  Call the clerk's office at (918) 684-7920 for assistance with activating your rights to file sealed pleadings.

Click Next to continue with the filing of this event.

A modify screen will appear, allowing you to indicate the exhibit numbers that are attached to the document.  DO NOT describe the exhibits in detail in the free text box.  Only select an item from the dropdown prefix box if applicable.  After inputting exhibit number information, click Next.

Review the final text for accuracy.  You can use the back error to return to the previous screen to correct typographical or gramatical errors.  If the final text does not reflect your filing intent, discontinue the entry by clicking on the menu bar and beginning again.  Select Next to continue.

The Notice of Electronic Filing will be sent to each active participant.  If sealed privileges to view have been granted by the Court, each attorney will be able to open the document from the email link.  NOTE:  Your PACER login and password are required to view restricted documents.