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Bill of Costs (AO133) (pdf)

Civil Forms
E-Filing Instructions: 

Use this event when you are requesting the costs of the lawsuit be reimbursed to you. Before filing, review the Clerk's Taxation of Costs.

On the Main Docketing Screen, select Civil.

1. Under Other Documents, select Other Misc. Documents.

2. On the Other Misc. Documents screen, select Bill of Costs.

3. On the Case Number screen, enter the Case Number (e.g. 04-567, 4:04-567, 4-04-cv-567, 04cv567, 4:04cv567).

4. On the Case Style screen, confirm that the case number matches the style of the case.

5. On the Select Filer screen, select your Client/Filer(s). (Note: If this is a new party/attorney association, the system will prompt you to make the correct association. If you are filing this jointly, on behalf of other parties who you do not represent, do not create these associations.)
6. On the Select PDF screen, you must attach a PDF document. Follow the Attach PDF instructions.

7. On the Modify Docket Text screen, add the appropriate text, if any, following the Modify Docket Text guidelines.

8. On the Final Text screen, if the text is not correct, click the Back button on your browser until you find the area that needs to be corrected. If the text is correct, click Next and your entry will be entered on the docket.

9. Important! Print the Notice of Electronic Filing screen and attach it to any copies you are serving by paper.

Other Info

If your pleading includes sensitive information, then certain personal data identifiers must be partially redacted in order to comply with Local Rules.

Your Certificate of Service must accurately reflect who will receive electronic notice and who will need to be noticed by paper. If it does not, please follow the Mailing Information guidelines and update your Certificate of Service before proceeding.

Your document must be broken down into files that are each less than 10 MB in memory size.

If you have not filed an Entry of Appearance in this case, please complete the Attorney Appearance form (available on our website) and file it forthwith.

Revision Date: 
Tuesday, December 1, 2009